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- I currently fly a Loki fitted out with 5 220mm ACs. I have no tracking mods or anything, and the Pro ...2011.05.08 09:24:00
- people are used to get served everything on a silver platter. aka sitting in a ****ty space and farm ...2011.04.12 07:57:00
- Even without havens/sanctums the crappy truesec is still more profitable than it was before the upgr ...2011.04.02 00:29:00
- Yes, the carrier is stuck at 0 m/s with sentries. It takes one minute to align and warp to a pos fro ...2011.04.01 11:47:00
- -not even talking about the fact that blasters will hit you with kin/thermal witch is the highest ba ...2011.03.23 16:31:00
- You haven't seen an instalocking camp have you. No and neither have you. ...2011.03.02 12:18:00
- It is how people are able to lock targets that cloak, lock pods before they can warp, etc. No, it's ...2011.03.01 23:38:00
- Edited by: MWDrive on 01/03/2011 12:29:44 Yes, it requires a 50M isk fed navy web to work but so do ...2011.03.01 12:09:00
- Double click makes you approach target. ctrl + double click makes you lock and approach target. ...2010.12.17 12:33:00
- Edited by: MWDrive on 06/12/2010 23:36:59 StrongholdYou can't solo it, lots of neutralizers in fina ...2010.12.06 23:36:00
- Fighters need to travel and your abaddons damage is instant. Also, yes you should be using templars ...2010.12.02 17:45:00
- The 8 year thing is also bull****. That would only apply and make sense if they DOUBLED your SP retu ...2010.11.26 13:45:00
- Edited by: Freelance Swan on 22/10/2010 21:24:52 Instead of 2xLSE you can fit LSE+Invuln which aren ...2010.10.22 23:13:00
- You do realize that paladin actually has better cap than apoc if you use pulses on both and only a b ...2010.10.20 21:24:00
- Forgot to mention, my main is in a Tengu...He can usually tank the entire room, I'm just looking for ...2010.10.15 23:07:00

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