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- Yes. Unless things have changed you can look in your contract history and it will show who accepted ...2011.07.03 15:18:00
- I can confirm that they weren't banning people just for protesting. I thought I might get banned mys ...2011.07.03 15:15:00
- I most certainly want Incarna... it's pay to win and macro transactions i don't want. This ^ ...2011.07.03 15:09:00
- Edited by: Algathas on 03/07/2011 14:59:55 Well, look at other forms of entertainment and how much ...2011.07.03 14:59:00
- They want to force you to destroy plex in order to buy the clothes. In this way, the plex will be re ...2011.07.03 10:58:00
- lol.. all that happened was that they spent some of the monocle income on CSM trips to Iceland. Othe ...2011.07.02 21:03:00
- He couldn't shoot you unless you shot him first. ...2011.07.02 04:28:00
- Actually, It's called an "E-Check" and it's used quite often. In fact, most credit card processors a ...2011.07.01 21:27:00
- And the only way to get it changed is that enough people stand up and give CCP / CONCORD a wakeup ca ...2011.07.01 18:25:00
- blah blah blah i hope someone gets the point before this topic is swamped by the righteous. what am ...2011.07.01 03:48:00
- Hopefully they do so some people can jump off the CQ balcony to their deaths. ...2011.06.30 21:52:00
- Although I would like CCP to focus more on EVE, for obvious reasons this idea is completely fail and ...2011.06.30 20:12:00
- Thank you for delaying the new forums until after we are done discussing the current issues. ...2011.06.30 00:55:00
- Edited by: Veengere on 29/06/2011 01:53:12EvE works profitably on a subscription basis. There was no ...2011.06.29 02:38:00
- I would like them removed completely, but I doubt that would happen. ...2011.06.28 09:27:00

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