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- Edited by: Souxi on 29/10/2008 09:23:52 Oh well, so much for building ships for a living.So I thoug ...2008.10.29 09:24:00
- I've been hoping to make some ISK by building and selling a few ships, but I calculated that if I ju ...2008.10.28 12:56:00
- Hi there,Yeah, what are your sp needs? I've two pilots, 2.3mil combat and a 1.1mil miner/industrial, ...2008.10.27 12:24:00
- It's a brave/foolish person who jumps into the deep end of the pool first. I'm going to assume brave ...2008.10.23 13:16:00
- I know there's a lot of complaints about the things that CCP do ( and dont do ), but if you sit bac ...2008.10.23 12:56:00
- You sound great. I'm very impressed with the monthly balance sheet too ( it shows you care )I'm in ...2008.10.22 09:41:00
- Hi,I've just created a mining/industrialist character in Jita, and was wondering which NPC corp woul ...2008.10.17 10:18:00
- I spent a few hours last night playing around with the directional scanner and probes. After reading ...2008.10.15 09:40:00
- Hi,Can someone explain a bit about what the system security levels actually mean? When I'm playing, ...2008.10.14 08:59:00

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