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- yea I have made boosters before and its pretty tough actually making decent ones. because you have t ...2011.07.15 02:45:00
- which is the proper spelling of it :VI + T = ITwut ...2011.04.28 09:04:00
- = 1) Capital Shield Reps cannot cycle under any form of capacitor duress, the activation cost excee ...2011.03.21 08:46:00
- if they are really your friends why dont you act like ****in men and deal with it yourself. what are ...2010.12.13 09:45:00
- Cut the range of cynos so you can't teleport half way across the galaxy. Cyno problem fixed. This ...2010.12.13 08:12:00
- Starting with the assumption that being able to drop a dozen supercarriers onto a ratting battleship ...2010.12.13 06:39:00
- mining is so freakin boring and there is no reason to do it. i have access to the best ores in the g ...2010.11.19 04:00:00
- furthermore...lolsec alliances make me laughwhat you guys think every half decent 0.0 alliance doesn ...2010.11.18 02:43:00
- LOOK AT ME I AM SO COOL I AM THE COOLEST EVER SO COOLWe are both men who post with alts! But we are ...2010.11.18 02:35:00
- I would love to get emails for all my accounts. Right now you only get them if you are paying with t ...2010.11.17 21:36:00
- Also your corp/alliance is a joke.SUP SCRUBS, RHYMENOCEROUS HEREGOONSWARM RENTER PLEB IMPLYING THAT ...2010.11.17 21:28:00
- pretty muchany corp that calls themself a pirate corp is just one that is too bad to get into a real ...2010.11.15 06:05:00
- All the ship additions since Trinity, three years ago, have been T1, fyi…this noob doesn't know abou ...2010.11.15 03:56:00
- I dont run any active antivirus or antimalware software and I haven't even gotten an infection... wa ...2010.11.14 05:42:00
- my falcon alt says caldari is fineanyone who thinks caldari is a joke for pvp is a mouthbreathing hi ...2010.10.26 22:01:00

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