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- Three tomatoes are walking down the street - a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomat ...2011.09.03 16:28:00
- I don't know if the Node of the System went from reinforced before downtime to sleeping hamsters aft ...2011.03.21 09:53:00
- bought 3, GL. bumpiness... almost sold out. ...2011.01.30 20:06:00
- WTF CCP? seriously. ...2010.09.21 12:50:00
- CCP is trying its best to fix the database issue. The only problem is that their database experts no ...2010.05.07 19:06:00
- /supportI want awesome epic fleet battles and not die while forced to do nothing. And i don't care a ...2010.01.03 09:58:00
- i think i died. without grid on a reinforced node. This game isn't playable any more on a large sc ...2009.12.26 19:58:00
- I recently experienced a bug in eve that won't let me fly home.I was in the fight in K25 when i had ...2009.12.22 08:48:00
- this could had been epic.... one for the news.... but...erm...*waiting* ...2009.12.06 21:18:00
- /signed ...2009.11.12 22:43:00
- yea, as it said its ready to login i got the incorrect username/password crap again.... ...2009.11.10 22:19:00
- The EVE cluster has reached its maximum user limit. Please try logging in again later. You are #4 in ...2009.11.10 22:09:00
- confirmed. getting the same error. my details work fine on TQ. ...2009.11.10 21:58:00
- .. i think the name strike carrier will fit more then super carrier. or assault carrier. but i don't ...2009.09.15 22:32:00
- I don't know if i bought my Tickets in Time...If i bought mine after all Tickets were already sold, ...2009.08.30 20:50:00

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