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- 8/10...looks good 6/10 lose the glasses5/10 funny face...imho the female face for my blood line is ...2011.01.19 18:36:00
- Edited by: Saikutsu on 19/01/2011 17:30:41 lol all the Asian bloodline models are fugly ...2011.01.19 17:30:00
- sent to Xeenon ...2010.12.11 15:56:00
- 1 sent to KaiweiRose ...2010.12.11 15:44:00
- If you have skill you would start off with Minmatar shipsIf i was skilled in welding I'd sure try on ...2010.03.29 15:24:00
- In theory PI in empire would have similar requirements as a pos in empire... ...2010.03.15 20:36:00
- How about adding a god damn station noise option so I can turn it off while I'm docked up with out h ...2009.01.28 03:56:00

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