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- "In other words, you can either make your money by killing the rats in your space, or by having high ...2011.08.05 15:59:00
- I'm not a laptop person, but i'm going on vacation and want to buy a laptop that can at least run EV ...2011.06.22 03:47:00
- bump.kill this feature. People use the ctrl key for teamspeak.bad ccp. ...2011.06.05 03:36:00
- 0.0 nerf and highsec buffs are designed to drive people out of 0.0,But...They are trying to drive a ...2011.05.16 15:31:00
- +1 vote for IsslerWe all need at least one carebear voice on the CSM that understands Eve is a sandb ...2011.03.18 12:56:00
- "I am interested in learning how to be a good scout for fleets...""I've got vent/TS and a mic, but I ...2011.02.15 04:57:00
- It's odd that one alliance has a fairly lag free fight, while another alliance, known for their smac ...2010.10.24 13:41:00
- you shouldn't fight them. You're just feeding the troll. Hi sec griefer corps are usually the lazies ...2010.10.11 07:03:00
- way to go Pandemic Legion!But couldn't you let the joke run on for, i don't know, another week? ...2010.08.14 16:23:00
- lol, we're famous! ...2010.08.04 09:06:00
- bump ...2010.07.05 16:12:00
- I've had this same problem in 0.0I'm used to finding a wormhole in highsec or lowsec every 3-4 solar ...2010.06.05 15:10:00
- there's no easy way to get these guys, sadly.You can try belt spamming with friends...Log on traps a ...2010.03.27 08:15:00
- Most people fly safe.We fly dangerous.try it sometime."RVB has put together a nice platform to fight ...2010.03.27 07:37:00
- Even though I have only been playing for a little over a month; .and that gives you 0% qualification ...2009.12.06 15:35:00

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