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- Our policy is no small matter, being quite long in length and broad in girth, and we remain firmly c ...2010.02.05 15:31:00
- Oh Devilish, you cheeky card. ...2009.09.10 22:12:00
- You're in Razor now little bee? Not every thread is about you.Let's not start telling fantastic ...2009.08.25 04:29:00
- Prosperity in a social MMO is in large part dependent on not being awful at diplomacy? Shocking.You ...2009.08.17 00:06:00
- Capitals Involved or it's ****About 10 Goon dreads jumped in and warped to the gate to shoot BS and ...2009.08.16 20:58:00
- Truly, these last two days of major Atlas CTA ops have been the pinnacle of warfare in the southeast ...2009.08.02 21:02:00
- This is what happens when you put Rho in charge of Goonswarm and they start handing out supercaps to ...2009.07.18 19:57:00
- ...2009.07.16 20:28:00
- irc may well be the worst alliance in the history of eve which is v. impressive when you think about ...2009.07.15 08:26:00
- This is a pretty good troll. "No excessive carebearing" and "sov warfare" are listed as negatives, ...2009.07.14 14:14:00
- PL is Triumvirate 4.0 you see because they only recruit the most elihuaghuaghuaghuaghuag Furthermor ...2009.07.11 14:02:00
- Accepted, thanks. ...2009.05.23 21:29:00
- Send to Esilda Arriate. Thanks. ...2009.05.23 21:06:00
- Problem spread to a lot of other systems, reinstalled client again and it seems to have solved itsel ...2008.11.10 00:01:00
- Edited by: Lowanaera on 09/11/2008 20:23:32 I have never experienced this in any other system in Ev ...2008.11.09 20:23:00

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