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- Iloni Atoriandra sniggerdly Pandemic LegionActually I thought PL was one of the alliances that kic ...2011.06.28 08:40:00
- Edited by: Vapidity on 26/06/2011 19:23:09 No microtransactions, or in this case, megatransactions. ...2011.06.26 19:20:00
- To quote the blog: 'there are no and never have been plans to sell "gold ammo" for Aurum.'I notice ...2011.06.26 19:13:00
- No. They expect to 'ride it out' and continue screwing us over. ...2011.06.26 18:58:00
- Guys... they had no current plans for MICROTRANSACTIONS. The $70 eyeball is not a microtransaction! ...2011.06.26 07:29:00
- Cool story bro! ...2011.06.26 07:11:00
- Absolute nonsense. Dropping 3 and not totally because of this. This was icing on the cake. This t ...2011.06.26 01:53:00
- This is a great app! @viziel you can add other accounts, worked fine for me. I just added the API ...2010.04.20 05:14:00
- And the state of eve, IMHO, is actually worse. Here is why...I left a few months back for a break. ...2009.01.01 22:53:00
- CVA are known hypocrites and are NOT what they used to be, especially after they grew by 200% by l ...2008.05.15 13:26:00
- CVA dislike you because you refused to bring them slaves.... They were also told that you were a Mi ...2008.05.15 13:22:00
- Edited by: Vapidity on 24/04/2008 12:01:31People need to RE-learn that the word of the Devs is law, ...2008.04.24 12:01:00
- That's pretty good.On another note: locking this for lack of content would be excessive. They would ...2008.04.23 05:16:00
- Isk buying is bad, mmkay.... They should just ban you now and get it over with.However, if CCP rein ...2008.04.23 05:04:00
- You guys do realize that a copyrighted work, is a copyrighted work? There is no debate, it's just t ...2008.04.23 04:55:00

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