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- HiI'm looking for a Character that can board caldari capitals. no need for moduleskills. If he/she h ...2011.04.06 19:59:00
- +1 ...2010.05.31 08:54:00
- \o/Thanks to all neighboors and guys more far away for the nice fights and mature ambiencelooking fo ...2010.04.20 20:44:00
- funny to pew pew with brick squad/me sees them in HED-GP atm ...2010.03.26 10:00:00
- Edited by: Hexentanz on 18/02/2010 06:39:17 Maybe there (from Switzerland)Have to check calendar an ...2010.02.18 06:39:00
- I haven't been ganked, and I have no tears... Probably because I don't own anything worth being gank ...2010.01.26 13:09:00
- ...2010.01.10 21:41:00
- and i always thought that we had a special relationship CVA ...we still have, don't we?just because ...2010.01.10 21:20:00
- CCP Engineering Alliance THIS hm from my point of view... IT Alliance Goonswarm is also a nice big ...2010.01.10 21:12:00
- Hi folksi would wish me an exchange market like in real. where you can see titles, how long they ar ...2009.10.27 12:02:00
- Hey Guysi Installed the EDK EVE Dev Killboard and before installing i added the new database package ...2009.10.06 14:11:00
- Alt with a freighter solves many logistical problems.yeah problems for you or your entire corporatio ...2009.09.09 10:02:00
- Alt hauler.And Syndicate always needs mods.well i'il check that those dayz. ty ...2009.09.09 09:19:00
- when u check lowsec marked they sell things for 250% over Empire, that just can't work. It does. If ...2009.09.09 08:24:00
- out of corp alts.yeah, seems to be the easiest way, and for me personal i would do it the same way. ...2009.09.09 07:37:00

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