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- can you please run the numbers before saying that crapp? rattlesnake is nice but not better than a n ...2009.09.13 15:56:00
- Rattlesnake needs 25-50% damage bonus to siege launchers please. ...2009.09.13 15:07:00
- terribad Not only your name, corp and alliance names are terrible, but yolur writing is also awfull ...2009.09.13 11:40:00
- the fact that they now outperform marauders is a little stupid tho...They don't really, ones have so ...2009.09.12 15:17:00
- Marketing campaing by CCP is really working out, also killing RMT monkeys. Great job! ...2009.09.12 14:27:00
- There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to play EVE in a solo way, without having to be warde ...2009.09.12 14:21:00
- You're terrible at this game ankwhateveritssaid. ...2009.09.12 10:18:00
- I just can hope sov development and system upgrades will affect moon mining output (the quantity of ...2009.09.12 09:54:00
- protection must cost them something. Too much alt of pvper hiding in NPC corps for hideous activitie ...2009.09.12 09:46:00
- There is no way enought marke for it, so they need to make them more popular/available. (skillbooks ...2009.09.12 09:40:00
- - Fix boosters! No profitable to run the whole damn proccess right now. Synth might need some loo ...2009.09.11 13:33:00
- Guys, there is a thread in S&I forum for industry related suggestions (half of the thread), could yo ...2009.09.11 11:11:00
- More stuff (sorry if ghas been said allready):- T2 salvage reaction = only on lowsec or 0.0 - Bette ...2009.09.11 11:06:00
- - Hightlight my own orders, damnit.- Introduce variable taxing depending on trade volume! (will leav ...2009.09.10 21:32:00
- Edited by: Slave 2739FKZ on 10/09/2009 21:35:04 * Revisit T1 industry (some suggestions) so it's wo ...2009.09.10 21:21:00

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