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- Simply stating that industrialists are not wanted is only one half of the medal.The other half is, v ...2011.08.31 18:19:00
- Eve has always been about "adapt or die". So if industrial players would be a benefit to an allianc ...2011.08.30 08:24:00
- Edited by: Miranda Starborn on 27/08/2011 18:18:50Now, what I do not understand is what is wrong wit ...2011.08.28 09:06:00
- Hi,I have recently upgraded to the nvidia 285.03 beta drivers. While almost everything is the same, ...2011.08.27 12:11:00
- Applies cleanly to .26 too.Also seems to be deployed to tranquility this time. Expect some threads a ...2011.08.26 10:55:00
- Now, what I do not understand is what is wrong with this, and what it is that needs to be fixed? ...2011.08.25 09:25:00
- I would make a single change when it comes to Industry for null-sec. Redistrubtion of moons. Then ...2011.08.21 19:54:00
- First, do you use the stable wine from the debian repos or the debian-unstable wine packages from w ...2011.08.21 07:33:00
- Nice Feedback :)Free intel is my least concern. Thats not different from the spy-alts. Killing the ...2011.08.19 17:51:00
- This is about how it should be and could be. Not how it currently is, where most alliances would not ...2011.08.19 17:30:00
- Your idea is to introduce a Contracts option in order to address player behavior, not a game mechani ...2011.08.19 16:16:00
- It's mainly meant as balance between the security concerns of the holders and the interests of other ...2011.08.19 15:56:00
- Since skimming the nullsec threads and being really astounded about the imagined trading ventures of ...2011.08.19 11:19:00
- What you seem to be saying is that alliances have no problem with industrialists, so long as the i ...2011.08.18 19:46:00
- Edited by: Miraqu on 18/08/2011 09:30:39And there is the problem with nullsec alliances they don t ...2011.08.18 09:08:00

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