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- As far as I know, it's the system sec where the agent is located.So if you happen to find an agent i ...2011.07.28 23:37:00
- yeah nightmare or palading for your lazer ownage.As far as the rokh goes theres a reason you couldnt ...2011.07.26 23:36:00
- I come to you fine gents with a question - I'm in need of some isk to feed my pvp habit. Do you thin ...2011.06.13 17:21:00
- Edited by: Constable Chang on 27/05/2011 09:30:55 Thats all? I mean.. the list seems kind of short ...2011.05.27 09:28:00
- The ONLY people this affected negatively were the ones working for encounter agents that now belong ...2011.05.23 22:02:00
- Its great for people who want to run courier missions. And if CCP want people to run more courier mi ...2011.05.23 19:59:00
- Either there are way unintended consequences or CCP want people to run a lot more courier missions. ...2011.05.23 10:09:00
- I've never seen this before, but I just scanned down a plex (highsec, Rogue Drone Asteroid) with thr ...2011.04.13 19:33:00
- I also cant figure out why everyone considers this an expoit.Here's a hint: If achieving an effect ...2010.04.14 21:17:00
- Edited by: Yukiko Yoshida on 06/04/2010 21:28:52 I'm a miner on my main. I also rat in lowsec, at t ...2010.04.07 03:25:00
- "pvp" is a redundant term used to describe what one is already expected to be doing in a multiplayer ...2009.12.08 01:42:00
- Edited by: Constable Chang on 08/12/2009 00:13:07 The purpose of Eve Online is to provide other pla ...2009.12.08 00:13:00
- Ok, now getting a bit sick of it. I Removed the downloaded patches, Downloaded it yet again, and it ...2009.12.01 22:59:00
- Edited by: Constable Chang on 01/12/2009 22:54:58 Hey Zandmannetje try downloading the patch here: ...2009.12.01 22:51:00
- Hey Zandmannetje try downloading the patch here: ...2009.12.01 21:52:00

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