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- Edited by: Taladia on 08/06/2011 05:52:23 Windows 7 64 bit, Intel Video (Mobile\Laptop)Game crashes ...2011.06.08 04:43:00
- Same still crashing and getting black screens intermittently when jump. The patch fixed nothing. ...2011.06.07 23:05:00
- Same issue as the original post with the same OS and Chipset. Windows 7, Intel Graphics. (Work compu ...2011.06.06 06:31:00
- I've had it happen to me as well although I've only noticed it in station, although I haven't spent ...2011.06.06 06:29:00
- Even ESPN isn't sure about the future of 3D and what ROI it will bring. In my opinion it's going to ...2010.12.26 01:52:00
- Exact same issue "ambient.mp3" and the repair had to download 862mb to fix it? Isn't that the bulk o ...2009.11.17 01:58:00

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