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- When it come to mission/complex runer, it really depend about what kind you are talking about, if it ...2010.11.02 16:07:00
- I'm realtively new to eve and I thought that I would give this a shot since I really like the houn ...2010.10.20 03:01:00
- So you'd fly without a cloaking module you say?I already do, when my gang require certain kind of sh ...2010.08.06 11:57:00
- Before I get into this, try to keep two things in mind...Will do, but while i respond, understand th ...2010.08.05 20:11:00
- So, while local is the bane of all PvP and wrecks the game, you are too lazy and are unwilling to ...2010.08.05 15:52:00
- No one has given any answer as to why they just don't hit up wormholes instead of crying about local ...2010.08.05 12:47:00
- Edited by: Valadeya uthanaras on 04/08/2010 20:17:26 I understand your rage against "furious ratter ...2010.08.04 20:12:00
- Right, I forgot the obvious "Because you're horrible players" angle. If you want local free blob f ...2010.08.04 19:09:00
- Better idea, why don't you bring me a reason AFK Cloaking should stay in the game.Because at the mo ...2010.08.04 16:18:00
- I will go with the general player concensus In the last year, we hardly saw anything that improved t ...2010.07.30 15:59:00
- New features are getting old when everything else is breaking downIf only ccp realise how much balan ...2010.07.29 13:19:00
- It seems, he really is that dumb. Well I wont resort to personnal attack but he is in BLACK STAR ALL ...2010.07.27 13:22:00
- There is no relationship between Cloaking and Local. I'm well aware that many of you "AFK Cloak" bec ...2010.07.23 18:51:00
- Cloaking and Local have no relationship. None.BLACK STAR ALLIANCESo let's recap, weak minded and not ...2010.07.23 12:49:00
- Black Star Alliance You realise that it if wasnt for all the BSA carebear running as soon as someo ...2010.07.16 14:13:00

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