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- I have to say I'm not pleased with this as a solution. Most every change to EVE I have silently appl ...2009.02.19 02:05:00
- I would emphatically support adding more complexity to industry/manufacture. I specialized my charac ...2008.07.12 12:54:00
- I definately support the idea of consequences for actions. Sec-hit on a slide based on the system se ...2008.07.12 12:35:00
- Ms. Soleil,I would more than happy to inform you of Cyrene goals and policy. I will add you to my in ...2007.01.23 01:24:00
- I think this is excellent. For your basic small gang, you have to spend maybe 3 hours training Leade ...2006.10.25 07:17:00
- Thank you very much. ...2005.10.25 23:51:00
- Now I'm not entirely certain if this is the correct place to post this but the Helios seems to have ...2005.10.25 02:49:00

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