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- Ex-Xelas crew, signing in. Miss seeing root, proxay, and acompton. Whatever happened to moe?:hi5:Hey ...2009.10.01 17:56:00
- Happy b-day happy 5th birthday also weren't you in xelas? They were - and they were pretty much act ...2008.08.22 18:42:00
- There s no need for smack. It is natural for weaker entities to group up in order to try and defeat ...2008.08.21 18:31:00
- "Guerrilla warfare must remain a viable combat tactic."lol ccp.In my opinion, smaller and nimble gan ...2008.07.28 22:53:00
- I certainly do. The fact that the only real way to fit HACs is nano is not the fault of the HACs or ...2008.07.28 22:38:00
- Did you just say that non-nano HAC is useless? I sure did. There's about three or four exceptions ...2008.07.28 22:31:00
- A non-nano gang who makes mistakes loses a pittance in isk. A nanogang who makes mistakes loses hund ...2008.07.28 22:24:00
- They formed an alliance, hurt my eyes and offended my intellect. There is nothing to be offended, r ...2008.05.10 08:14:00
- CCP should just make server software (and client too) multithreaded (so each node is multithreaded). ...2008.04.27 15:42:00
- GO GO INSRG ...2008.04.22 15:46:00
- Edited by: Inflexible on 19/04/2008 09:49:47 I can understand that it would cause issues with peopl ...2008.04.19 09:42:00
- If you log off while still cloaked after jumping through a gate, you will simply dissapear from spac ...2008.04.19 07:38:00
- My experience with CCP customer service is very good. I always got professional and (mostly) reasona ...2008.03.16 02:43:00
- ... which means minnies suffered more, btw Minnies also get more for their 10% bonus - flat resista ...2008.03.15 21:39:00
- well if you think about it and TQ could hold a 15,000 fleet the coalition would win easily just due ...2008.03.15 15:58:00

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