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- Edited by: Periapsis on 17/07/2010 03:12:43 Wendat Huron - i would never be in that queue :D who ca ...2010.07.17 03:12:00
- Something I dont quite get...if you can spend RL cash on a plex and that becomes an ingame item, why ...2010.07.09 20:54:00
- Its cool now... just competed the download from eveonline site and its installing now. ...2009.04.20 23:26:00
- anyone know if this is working yet?Cant try anymore as i'm getting close to my monthly allowed bandw ...2009.04.20 14:24:00
- Edited by: Periapsis on 18/04/2009 07:41:43 hmmmMinimum System Requirements: ... OS: OS X 10.5.6 ...2009.04.18 07:42:00
- I'm sure they are working on it. Its not good if new players cannot get the client and they will wan ...2009.04.17 21:35:00
- Cancelled my other download and tried again. Same problem. This time it got to 435meg and ...2009.04.17 18:40:00
- thanks, just two questions.1. should I cancel my current download which is not working and start aga ...2009.04.17 18:17:00
- hmm it seems to have started again..maybe its just a case of trying enough times until I all finishe ...2009.04.17 17:15:00
- Problem is still happening. download gets to 261meg and dies.Have tested this on my mac, windows and ...2009.04.17 16:51:00
- thanks for the update...fingers crossed it will be soon so I can change my skills :D ...2009.04.17 13:01:00
- hmm have downloaded from my window, linux and mac and all have the same issue. :(i'll try and find a ...2009.04.17 09:35:00
- Couldnt get the patch to install and now the full download is not working either.No idea why, it was ...2009.04.17 07:12:00
- Fantastic.Thanks very much Jaka :)Periapsis ...2006.05.30 19:54:00
- I've grabbed the csv files from here: ...2006.05.30 19:42:00

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