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- Agreed. An excellent gameplay feature that needs to be returned. ...2011.01.20 04:38:00
- 1. Shakey has obviously been eating paint chips. 2. Check our eve-kill stats. 3. Apply 4. Kill sh ...2010.09.29 06:10:00
- Once upon a time the game devs had a thought to implement a de-cloaking pulse device. The module wa ...2010.02.12 13:52:00
- Transaction Posted.Sale closed. ...2009.12.16 04:58:00
- Edited by: Kriptonik on 16/12/2009 04:58:31 Sold ...2009.12.16 03:54:00
- I think this needs to be addressed as an obvious major issue. This seems to be working its way to a ...2009.07.17 12:29:00
- Edited by: Kriptonik on 17/07/2009 11:22:32 Falcon alt FTW. ...2009.07.17 11:19:00
- Holy CRAP!!!! There was a big Erebus at the end of the second video. Can we be assured that there ...2009.05.18 02:52:00
- Yes, I assure you our efficiency at successfully taking down our high sec hulk targets is 100%. And ...2009.02.08 14:57:00
- This is exactly why I like the idea. It can be used as a double edged sword. It will give the trac ...2009.01.23 12:58:00
- Locator agents already provide the service you're after.This is true, but there would be a big diffe ...2009.01.21 07:28:00
- Bugging someone wouldn't necessarily need to inflict and aggro timer. If you are in a high security ...2009.01.20 15:30:00
- 1.Take a battlecruiser (most have 7 high slots which should appease you) 2.Load it with small weapo ...2009.01.20 11:46:00
- I think it would be awesome if you could "BUG" another players ship with a homing beacon that would ...2009.01.20 11:38:00
- Bumpy McGee says: "Buy some loots!" ...2008.09.30 02:44:00

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