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- Just a tip:Get a Drake, so add:Caldari Cruiser 4 and Battlecruisers 4Then you should be in a surefir ...2010.12.12 01:45:00
- Edited by: Umega on 05/12/2010 02:40:01 Angel-cane.I'd rather see them design fresh new hulls for t ...2010.12.05 03:54:00
- worst suggestions ever^This^Couldn't agree more. ...2010.12.05 03:50:00
- Start 20km from center container (Placed at start of tourny). Don't go 50km outside of the center c ...2010.12.04 19:15:00
- If you have more then a minute of cap, you're fine. Use cap boosters. ...2010.12.04 18:40:00
- I'm not surprised at all, as far as I know, The 0rphanage has Snatch dec'd.Now guess where they hang ...2010.12.04 17:01:00
- Buffer Tank all the way.If T2's are a bit expensive, I'm sure the Trimarks won't cost too much. ...2010.12.04 15:30:00
- 20) Be able to create your own corp hangar divisions My alt's training for an Orca, and for minin ...2010.12.03 01:15:00
- No!Its a brass boob. You need 2 of them for full effect.Hahahahahaha, this is always why I have 2 o ...2010.12.01 05:20:00
- +1, but I can imagine:GOONS! TODAY WE CLOAK AND WAIT FOR THE AMBUSH!Within the instant, 300 ships al ...2010.12.01 05:11:00
- T3 Frigates - Sure whatever.T3 Battlecruisers - I think they are solid as is, so this wouldn't be to ...2010.12.01 05:05:00
- So your saying you want PvP? It depends on what in PvP your looking for:Volleying: Sitting in a Mach ...2010.12.01 03:53:00
- Edited by: Cryocasm on 01/12/2010 03:52:04 Your asking "Speed or Power".Pick one.Zealot: SURPRISE B ...2010.12.01 03:51:00
- also, on the drones, should i carry ecm drones with combat drones. like a flight of light ecm drones ...2010.12.01 03:34:00
- No T2 Torps? Use faction.Otherwise it looks like a good fit.oh youre right. forgot to put those in e ...2010.12.01 03:31:00

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