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- Definitely not "oldest", but among the ancient are any Guardian-Vexors that may still exist and the ...2011.05.25 15:52:00
- Gallente is probably the weakest race for mission boats.Should train your drone skills up.Gallente h ...2011.05.19 05:06:00
- Machariel is the best option aside from a Carrier. ...2011.05.17 07:25:00
- If your not salvaging sleeper sites your wasting your time. ...2011.05.14 21:01:00
- Quite. ...2011.05.13 17:47:00
- Yes. ...2011.05.12 14:04:00
- The purpose of jump bridges was not intended to be complete safety while traveling. ...2011.05.10 19:22:00
- Seriously? It's practically a passive module, yet it causes one of the brightest flashiest biggest a ...2011.05.10 01:58:00
- One suggestion: Rooks have 7 midslots.Also, why invest in the cost of a faction point and only fit a ...2011.05.09 23:38:00
- P3EN-E always gives me a chuckle... don't lie, you did too.ok you lost me.... how is this funny agai ...2011.05.09 04:24:00
- All good advice, one thing I might add is find a decent corp to mine with. It's nice to have the fle ...2011.05.09 04:19:00
- P3EN-E always gives me a chuckle... don't lie, you did too. ...2011.05.09 03:58:00
- Edited by: Renarla on 09/05/2011 03:29:23 'Ey gurl, how you doin'? ...2011.05.09 03:29:00
- always use faction if it increases mission completion tmeUmm. Decreases, right?No, higher numbers a ...2011.05.09 00:16:00
- You probably want Targeting Range, not Scan Resolution. ...2011.05.08 22:21:00

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