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- Closing Sentinum Research for undetermined amount of time. Please remove from list. Thank you. ...2011.08.03 08:09:00
- Hi everyone, just letting you know I'm closing the store. A more detailed post will be coming in a f ...2011.08.03 08:07:00
- Hi, I take one set of medium combat drones BPO. Please set up the contract to this toon.Contracted, ...2011.07.24 14:28:00
- Buy some guns and take a system. ...2011.07.22 15:22:00
- Linkagewhy? WHY? what have we done to you that you have to punish us like this? Some of the conversa ...2011.07.22 15:00:00
- All contracts have been posted, thank you. No stock updates today. ...2011.07.22 05:27:00
- And, yes, you can have my stuff I never seen a yes before, boy this is awkward.. I euh.. don't ...2011.07.21 21:01:00
- Still, my petition is open, nobody responded yet, but nobody closed it either. I would prefer to get ...2011.07.21 20:25:00
- 1x Thanatos ME4 PE0 Run:1 --- 25,000,000Has been contracted. ** /The bpc order is on route and wil ...2011.07.21 12:16:00
- 44x Thorax BPC please can you setup the contract from Dodixie system? I got shot at when I entered C ...2011.07.21 09:17:00
- Stock updates:1x Drake2x Paradise Cruise Missile1x Carbonized Lead L 4x Depleted Uranium L 1x EMP ...2011.07.20 09:56:00
- I'd like another set of cruise missile BPO's pleaseTGContracted, sorry for the delay. ...2011.07.19 09:51:00
- All contracts have been posted, thank you. -- General Notice; for the next few days contracts can t ...2011.07.12 07:49:00
- Hello :)Both your contracts will be posted tomorrow morning(before downtime), sorry for the delay. ...2011.07.12 00:15:00
- Edited by: Domwav II on 09/07/2011 16:29:11 I'll take a Celestis BPO(Removed Blackbird BPO)Contract ...2011.07.09 17:13:00

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