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- Edited by: LastChanceForGas on 04/06/2011 00:11:04 This Patch*3 is much worser.Patch 1 - we start t ...2011.06.04 00:09:00
- We're looking into PI issues.Thanks Punky Bear Hey! Punkturis is a real word in Icelandic! (not real ...2011.05.31 23:35:00
- We're looking into PI issues.Thanks Punky Bear ...2011.05.31 20:46:00
- For the PI issueCache has been cleared and PC re-booted.I also tried deleting and re-placing the hea ...2011.05.31 20:42:00
- Confirmed here also as above PI is whacked.Nice big scan and heads show 60-80 but no output on graph ...2011.05.31 20:04:00
- definitely the lighting, I had the same issue on another character and didnt notice it until after i ...2011.01.27 21:39:00
- There is no option for that type of clothing because when the settlers left earth 10,000 years ago t ...2011.01.27 21:34:00
- So obviously you really are talking out your pod bay, because if you knew anything about Ice(god) mi ...2010.12.05 02:19:00
- Can someone tell me what is the number of war decs any one corporation can have against it at any on ...2010.03.21 03:19:00
- 1. Wall of text GAAAH 2. cant spell 3. GTFO of my EVE 4. see number 3 5. poor syntax 6. not two ...2008.07.01 17:04:00

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