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- CSM-Meeting? You wish to bribe them? And if you fail a NDA as in the past?Sorry. You are a liar. ...2011.06.26 19:47:00
- Tested with 3 characters (2 male/1 female): all 3 have completly different local and server images.. ...2010.12.25 09:00:00
- Edited by: Furb Killer on 11/02/2009 20:14:22 : This stuff is NOT final, it WILL be changed. :Aah ...2009.02.11 20:38:00
- The new patch remove *all* probes and replace them with the core probe. There is just 1 probe for ex ...2009.02.11 16:58:00
- Old exploration probes: Many peoples have blueprints. The the current patch did uniform all the pr ...2009.02.11 16:12:00
- This is an annoying re-occuring bug. You need to petition as stuck to get the hangar cleared to unan ...2008.01.21 17:27:00

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