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- Edited by: Dianna Soreil on 04/05/2010 02:09:57 delete ...2010.05.04 02:10:00
- **** YEAH TORTUGANnice haul bro ...2010.04.29 10:32:00
- Those People who are posting bull**** and flamebaits here are ignoring current orders of FuriousPig ...2010.03.19 16:39:00
- let me be the first to say that though this looks cool as hell, it must be utterly annoying to do an ...2010.03.19 16:25:00
- ATTN: NOOB/TROLL/WINDBAGno one gives a ****apparently you did enough to post ;)inb4 **** YEAH TORTUG ...2010.03.18 20:11:00
- yes, it's called C&P ...2010.03.18 19:58:00
- Edited by: Dianna Soreil on 18/03/2010 19:52:21 1) i did - with my nighthawk, i have a cnr, i hate ...2010.03.18 19:51:00
- it's hard enough to find a fight already, and removing local would make ~good fights~ completely ine ...2010.03.18 17:16:00
- omigod i can't play solo in this MMO! halp! ...2010.03.18 17:06:00
- Assuming it remembers all of the IP addresses I use regularly, and not just the last one, I'm conten ...2010.03.18 16:59:00
- A huge part of PVPing is knowing what and when to engage.You never, ever engage a maller solo becaus ...2010.03.18 14:18:00
- I think low sec is never going to change. up the rewards and someone else is going to move in beside ...2010.03.18 14:04:00
- ...I know mate. You don't need to rub it in like that :-/ Also I'm already in treatment for chronic ...2010.03.16 20:18:00
- and also considering that Severence are full of smack talking , racist, anti-semitic, holocaust de ...2010.03.16 19:21:00
- Edited by: Dianna Soreil on 16/03/2010 16:48:10Where you guys been anyway? Weekend warriors? this po ...2010.03.16 16:44:00

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