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- haha, looks like SOMEONE is downloading the complete client! xD ...2011.01.19 00:05:00
- But do we really have to log out and then back in just to switch from a main to an alt? is there no ...2010.12.29 19:15:00
- Sold to devona ...2010.12.26 13:17:00
- 2.1 is the new high bid, closes at DT today! ...2010.12.25 15:57:00
- back to the top ...2010.12.24 13:28:00
- This is permanently attached to my ear whenever I work: kittenHAHA nice, that totally reminds me of ...2010.12.22 22:12:00
- 21 lbs. cat SWEET CHEESUS MAN. you feeding the guy a full ham every day?!hahahahttp://www.backwo ...2010.12.22 21:35:00
- Him: "WTS 7 navy hookbills! 32m each" Me: *hic* "HAI MANG so thats 375m for your hookbills?" Him: ...2010.12.22 21:30:00
- 21 lbs. cat SWEET CHEESUS MAN. you feeding the guy a full ham every day?!hahaha ...2010.12.22 21:26:00
- So, I was just making my rounds of the usual forums, when something caught my eye in a C&P thread. S ...2010.12.22 21:18:00
- Also blowing an op because you stopped to pet your kitty HAHA nice, my kitty once tried to warp s ...2010.12.22 20:49:00
- yyyyyyyyup, nothing like sitting around for 8 hours using up ****loads of ammo to kill an offline PO ...2010.12.22 19:56:00
- Mk Blas Phemy at 1.9 is high bid! ...2010.12.22 19:08:00
- 1.8b is it possible to get it delivered? Sorry I'd prefer to keep it where it is, if thats fine, ...2010.12.22 16:24:00
- Edited by: Niquita Serov on 26/12/2010 13:17:02 This BPO is located in Jita, bidding starts at 1.8 ...2010.12.22 12:07:00

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