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- You know what the funny thing about eve devs is, they are really nice people and if you talk to them ...2011.08.31 08:53:00
- the one thing i do like about CQ is the news screen please do more with this and make it update more ...2011.06.27 07:54:00
- I cycled the jammer with my goon spy fu**tards. Next time leave someone at the jammer pos so you ca ...2011.06.24 18:40:00
- Eve Fact - Until CCP says a bug is a exploit its not a exploit.I like how Pl uses the same logic as ...2011.06.23 21:22:00
- devoters can light cyno's any wear it seems thanks for the game breaking bug ccp. ...2011.06.23 19:38:00
- Given the ease of flying the assault frigates you need to have some way of keeping them flying in su ...2011.06.14 06:44:00
- It really is getting to the point of another titan manifesto is coming soon. It's very simple to alo ...2011.06.12 05:55:00
- I should explain how i see this working out in practice, a fleet fight is going on supers are droppe ...2011.06.12 02:35:00
- I know CSM can't really propose gameplay changes to CCP but the game really needs a sub cap counter ...2011.06.10 00:45:00
- The problem is drones cause lag, huge amounts of it the server has to track it's position and movmen ...2011.06.06 02:36:00
- ECM is easy on successful ECM attack you loose the DPS equivalent of 1 drone for the duration of the ...2011.06.06 00:17:00
- Well the only way this would work is if each type of drone is put in it's own squadron I.E say a sup ...2011.06.05 01:23:00
- Problem s, as a singleentity, imagine ifyou hit it with a gun that would usually 1-sho a drone, you ...2011.06.03 00:54:00
- Edited by: HELIC0N ONE on 02/06/2011 23:18:27The difference is that unlike turrets, drones can be in ...2011.06.02 23:20:00
- grouping guns seemed to work so why not group drones into squadrons a super carrier puts out 20 dron ...2011.06.02 22:57:00

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