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- -1 ...2011.06.25 15:47:00
- Ah bravo, c'est du propre! ...2010.12.21 03:17:00
- Lekaner,10,34,87,97,111,131,139,148,17 ...2010.08.04 06:10:00
- merry christmas from all of us in ldlq to you i hope i dont get caught ...2007.12.24 18:02:00
- hi foe! i hope you let me back in the chan after war is over ...2007.12.23 00:41:00
- I think this is just a test at making the skybox dynamic. I know it would suck to be this, i'd like ...2007.12.07 17:05:00
- subscribers numbers doesnt mean anything itself, how many players you know with 5 accounts? I cant s ...2007.12.07 16:49:00
- How do I get past the missing hal.dll problem? This is preventing my recovery console from loading ...2007.12.07 03:02:00
- Ok, the following has nothing to do with trinity, but since you didn't fix it.... my starmap still ...2007.12.07 02:54:00
- yeah, truth is, there are more people whining at whiner, then people whining at unexpected downtime ...2007.11.06 18:18:00
- Edited by: Lekaner on 06/11/2007 17:18:35 same, in middle of very easy mish with brand new uninsure ...2007.11.06 17:18:00

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