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- Edited by: Black Necris on 02/10/2010 16:02:00 When I look back and try to determine when I really ...2010.10.02 16:01:00
- I agree with the OP 100% the game its loosing his core player base, many are leaving because of RL c ...2010.10.02 03:37:00
- The way these Matari act, one would think there was a vast, brutal Empire hoping to enslave them and ...2010.09.23 03:46:00
- This. is. a. damn. shame. you act like they had some sort of impact or presence in the first place. ...2010.09.22 19:13:00
- Edited by: Black Necris on 21/09/2010 02:22:30 MS summed it up pretty nicely.CCP has made a load of ...2010.09.21 02:22:00
- It was an honor fighting such an elite force, i remember getting owned by EINH gangs, and it was a b ...2010.09.17 19:31:00
- Edited by: Black Necris on 17/09/2010 13:49:31 Edited by: RuleoftheBone on 17/09/2010 12:38:59 Edi ...2010.09.17 13:48:00
- colbert report bump! ...2010.09.17 03:42:00
- Ladies and gentlemen, uh, what we've seen speaks for itself. The CO2 alliance has apparently been fo ...2010.09.06 18:35:00
- Dear Kazzzi:I'm interested in bringing the events told in my autobiographic book "Black Necris: The ...2010.08.09 22:46:00
- Dear Madam Nefaris:Im sorry to learn that my autobiographic story failed to impress you as it did to ...2010.08.09 21:26:00
- I fully support this since i find it logical. each time a plex card is destroyed in the game, CCP au ...2010.08.09 04:35:00
- one for the magnanimous, caring lordship, black necris, him being me.. in short one for me ...2010.08.08 03:22:00
- Edited by: Black Necris on 07/08/2010 08:02:45 This image is the cover of the book, available every ...2010.08.07 07:48:00
- I for one welcome back our brothers. His most Welcoming and beloved HighnessLord Black Necris Arch ...2010.08.04 00:38:00

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