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- Now there's a face I've not seen in a while. Good to see you're still in the fight, Ris. ...2008.09.03 20:54:00
- Last time I checked, it was Blood Fiends, not Friends, although I concede my NeoCom may have been pl ...2008.08.16 11:32:00
- Infact I guarentee that if Rodj Blake or similar finds this, he will immediately brand you a heret ...2008.08.11 17:48:00
- Yup. More of that sort of thing. How can I belittle them if I know nothing about them? ...2008.07.20 08:02:00
- Symbols need the help of actual people to be of use, that much is true. But I hope that our people ...2008.06.26 14:55:00
- Who's name do you think they will cry?It is my hope that it will not be a name of a person, but of a ...2008.06.26 14:25:00
- If capsuleers are actually given the chance to vote in this election, then my vote will go for Shako ...2008.06.26 13:42:00
- ... We are peaceful, ...No.No we're not.We're disparate in our views, stubborn and fiercely independ ...2008.06.26 10:13:00
- I've been following this so-called democratic process quite closely, and it seems to me that the Rep ...2008.06.25 13:57:00
- It strikes me that Heth has performed a vast tactical mistake. In this time of war not only has he c ...2008.06.11 17:23:00
- Any chance we can arrange to provide the Caladri MIlitia's Capsuleer community with the special Arse ...2008.06.11 14:46:00
- You forget that the unprovoked act of terrorism left millions of slaves dead on our planets. The ...2008.06.11 12:50:00
- "The Mekhios Weapon" as you so reverently call it was a titan class Doomsday Device used to good eff ...2008.06.11 12:42:00
- Heh. Moral outrage from the Amarr over Minmatar pilots attacking a neutral entity purely because it ...2008.06.11 12:06:00
- Oh come on, Shin, surely you remember - the Amarr leaders aren't chosen by something as crude as nep ...2008.06.06 18:40:00

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