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- Good to see you're still alive!When done fighting whatever gf, you can have my ex ...2010.10.07 10:00:00
- A fresh svn got it back up and running just now ...2008.11.24 22:39:00
- Thanks for continuing the work on this!Just following up, the back-tick thing worked ok and look nic ...2008.11.24 16:48:00
- StarbaseList is updating correctly, you also got the certificates right first time around. Man I tot ...2008.11.22 13:09:00
- Just checked out rev. 266 and it looks like it is doing the range thing correctlyReal good job ...2008.11.22 00:11:00
- This is probably not the way to fix this, but.. function makeMultiUpsert(array $data, array $params ...2008.11.21 18:15:00
- It's looking good, nice work!I am doing some tests here and there, and I like the cache feature a lo ...2008.11.21 12:40:00
- This is really cool, almost everything seems to be working now, the things that doesn't work right n ...2008.11.20 15:47:00
-! Pleeeaaase! About time! 20 lines of html should NOT ta ...2008.11.19 10:01:00
- I want one too! ...2008.02.29 16:56:00
- Got that exact same situation going on here.. Been trying all kinds of different hardware and setups ...2007.06.23 20:59:00

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