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- Confirming I lost my T3 ship to Garmon and not Kangaroos With Frickin Lazerbeams. ...2010.05.22 17:59:00
- Friendly bump, gotta support the lifestyleI love your Moustache Cid.Nice to see you active again. ...2010.03.12 07:39:00
- If this is really happening it is a poor show from CCP Surely CCP can identify if a character transf ...2010.02.02 16:19:00
- Well get on your main and go to low sec.Erm. This is and I am OP, I'm guessing it makes you really ...2009.12.19 08:13:00
- *posting in griefer whine thread*"A griefer is a player who plays a multiplayer video game to irrita ...2009.12.18 11:35:00
- This makes me sad as I like to hunt mission runners. Especially Faction fit CNR's Anybody else no ...2009.12.18 10:56:00
- Congratulations to my favourite whispering Russian with bear pet and his crew. I miss being the only ...2009.11.23 07:36:00
- I panix when I see you did this, concerned that you might not count all the Zeros on the sale of goo ...2009.08.29 08:03:00
- Whoever they are they should War Dec us. ...2009.08.28 15:23:00
- I like to stroke Gunner Cid's Moustache.... ...2009.05.06 06:47:00
- Come join the fun, our killboard needs more names on it!! ...2009.05.03 15:05:00
- There has to be some like minded players out there somewhere ? ...2009.04.25 16:30:00
- Still looking. ...2009.04.24 18:12:00
- Edited by: Rev Fernie on 20/04/2009 11:44:04 Only looking for a handful of combat pilots.Our killbo ...2009.04.20 11:43:00
- Erm, Thanks Lubo Still looking. ...2009.04.18 09:50:00

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