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- Hahe, I might actually listen to this live t20's choice of music is great ...2005.04.07 17:00:00
- Hiya!I'm Orestes, the Editor in chief of the ISD Interstellar Correspondents. I'm glad you're enjoyi ...2005.03.25 21:07:00
- Edited by: Orestes on 17/03/2005 15:25:26 Sorry this is not relly a RP post but its a RP question.. ...2005.03.17 15:25:00
- Huh? I thought he was talking about the patch with the new content. What event happened?I thoguht so ...2005.03.17 14:42:00
- Wait and see, or go ever and check oyu whats actually to be found ingame of all of this.I'll believe ...2005.03.17 09:59:00
- Impressive. ...2005.03.17 08:13:00
- woo-yay i glad u R listening (me hugs hisslef with happyness)as to reporting.... you want to see a ...2005.03.11 11:28:00
- /me gets his abacus outIC news stories since thread began (1 week) = 4 = 0.5 news /dayIC news storie ...2005.03.11 11:16:00
- ... but if you want to run a story in the in-game news for example, there's some kind of ridiculou ...2005.01.21 13:35:00
- Are all the chronicles/short stories 100% in-house? Just wondering if, say, a player wrote something ...2005.01.08 16:05:00
- Hi!On behalf of the ISD-IC, I'd like to thank you for your compliments. We hope to give the communit ...2005.01.08 13:48:00
- Edited by: Erai on 06/01/2005 13:30:47 The year 0 was set during the Yoiul ConferenceErai is right. ...2005.01.06 13:38:00
- Whether Fade Union will rise again in some form in the future remains to be seen, but for now you'll ...2005.01.03 14:32:00

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