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- Dmn you are Ugly :) ...2011.06.26 14:44:00
- Edited by: Cribb on 26/11/2010 17:02:02 So what about the isk lost? I paid 4.5 mil on those advanc ...2010.11.26 16:58:00
- I was worried on the formation of Damu'Khonde thinking it would be the shadow of the alliance that U ...2010.09.18 00:04:00
- Nice attempt to hide your filthy act in shrouds. We know what you are and in the end all of eve wil ...2010.08.03 12:09:00
- Then again, we're talking about the same people who failed for almost twenty four hours to remove so ...2010.07.29 14:29:00
- Did U'K fire un an unarmed ship; an act which, in civilized space, would be called piracy and murd ...2010.04.01 15:13:00
- Now there is a blast from the past. I used to have, those nice wall poster Miss Doyle in my republi ...2010.03.12 01:11:00
- 11B good luck and fly safe. It was a pleasure to roam with you.I do have mixed feelings about this. ...2010.03.06 11:29:00
- And now I know I was completely trolled in the last thread.Damn I'm horrible at this.It's best to lo ...2010.03.03 04:05:00
- unfortunately kelban is not an elaborate troll, but quite genuine But lets get back on to the main t ...2010.02.24 00:56:00
- You have to be very careful of Kelban... He is 1337 at fitting his dread. 1337WTF? That killmail ha ...2010.02.22 19:43:00
- what the hell is this threadSee it as puppy love. ...2010.02.22 15:06:00
- I give it 3 to 5 months. It'll never last :Pactually it may last for quite some time since, accordi ...2010.02.04 15:47:00
- For some people yes it wasn't bad, but for the majority it was awful crazy lag. My cycles kept goi ...2010.01.29 02:21:00
- the lag was fine until CCP Atlas showed up in local.... just sayinSo true, after he appeared my ship ...2010.01.29 01:57:00

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