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- The one night I get to play EVE... ...2005.12.08 18:55:00
- How can we respect a guy who just implied he would rather see our entire race dead?Respect him like ...2005.08.16 17:02:00
- Edited by: AnIntrepidCosmonaut on 15/08/2005 14:10:20 Time for a wake-up call, mr Hexford.Your 'bon ...2005.08.15 13:59:00
- Lol Rodge you're the first KIA Thespian. ...2005.04.26 12:14:00
- Excellent Idea.Could be adapted to support the Jump Drives in a later stadium.Only would the Torque ...2005.04.12 08:58:00
- What I am really surprised about is that nobody has started a thread sayingWTB HED PoS Password, nam ...2004.12.07 11:31:00
- News Flash!Concord agents with similar functions in Shiva! ...2004.10.27 10:15:00
- *Giggles helps when the enemy wnats you locked down on TS ...2004.10.26 11:04:00
- Our corp was at war with these blokes for a while, I must compliment them for fighting with honour a ...2004.10.26 10:47:00
- Sorry I cna't find any info on the meeting, the website of heagemonic core isn't working?! ...2004.10.25 13:13:00
- Dunno what happened, but I wish you luck wherever you end up. Just don't go join CA Speaks tomes, ...2004.10.25 12:08:00
- You should try PaybyCash and do a wire transfer, veel sneller ...2004.10.14 10:07:00
- Hello Myevon thank you for taking the time to make your evaluation of Eve, perhaps more people that ...2004.10.05 12:21:00
- w00t in before the lock ...2004.10.05 12:03:00

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