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- Not sure if its too late to chime in on this or not, but here's a couple of points.Sov Mechanics Wa ...2011.08.21 02:26:00
- Justice Bump ...2011.06.04 13:01:00
- Saw the 'more t3 ships are coming' post and wanted to further bump this thread.I think a Tech 3 Indu ...2011.05.19 15:53:00
- You're right!I'm going to boost solo-play, by giving you a ship that will give you an edge!oh crap.. ...2011.02.20 02:46:00
- Its called 'space' for a reason. If it was full, it wouldn't be space. ...2011.02.20 00:26:00
- i love how the carebears just tryed to justify a minning ship to have a convert ops cloak lol it wou ...2011.02.20 00:09:00
- Surgical Strike 'size' Artillery SpecializationAll the other support skills improve your tracking, ...2011.02.19 23:56:00
- The 'type' drop down list in the People&Places search box has a scroll bar, it could EASILY fit ever ...2011.02.11 00:59:00
- 1) Corps roles are crap and don't work properly, you MUST give factory manager in order for them to ...2011.01.30 07:35:00
- Edited by: Magnus Orin on 30/01/2011 01:56:53 You know, I usually come into the F&I forums and **** ...2011.01.30 02:32:00
- If you actually want a proper Super Carrier pilot you are looking at:- Gallente Carrier 5 - Jump Dr ...2011.01.30 02:22:00
- I have a copy of Salvage Drone operation, Paid a lot for it, but still haven't decided on whether or ...2011.01.30 02:18:00
- Further bumping, this remains a solid and good idea. ...2011.01.30 01:37:00
- ok, I have a question, why is the jump freighter more expensive than a rorqual? a jump freighter is ...2011.01.30 01:16:00
- Looking through the Jita buy orders yesterday on a whim, I noticed that tech was selling at ~75,000 ...2011.01.30 01:13:00

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