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- Contrary to what folks that know me in game think, I am a totally different person out of game then ...2011.03.18 22:14:00
- No further need of anyone`s services is required. The situation has resolved itself. Back to watch ...2011.01.31 19:19:00
- Yes, I find it very funny that those who take this offer will be paid out of the money from KTS. Pa ...2010.12.24 19:48:00
- I am looking for PvP/merc corps that are willing to wardec the Khanid Trade Syndicate Alliance.They ...2010.12.24 16:28:00
- 1 for Chindi Ellison please. ...2010.06.10 15:46:00
- Are they made with real Matar?If so then I might know some who are interested.... ...2009.04.15 04:37:00
- ...2008.12.24 17:12:00
- it is the same ...2008.09.06 04:34:00
- Edited by: Domitianvs on 28/08/2008 20:35:10 CAn someone point me in the direction of a HIdden Roid ...2008.08.28 20:35:00
- Alot of low sec/0.0 ores already appear in high sec spots via Grav sites. You just have to get out ...2008.08.27 04:20:00
- No, Jaspet is not worth it. If you are going to set up the tower for no other reason then to mine J ...2008.08.27 04:18:00
- Edited by: Domitianvs on 12/07/2008 22:40:23 Iznogoud,If your Sincarnate Contracts is doing so very ...2008.07.12 22:37:00
- Currently online. Contact me thru convo, evemail, or just send the offer. ...2008.06.25 04:26:00
- For a long time I had my own anchored in high sec, but now I am part of an alliance with them. If I ...2007.12.23 18:00:00
- One for Chindi Ellison please ...2007.12.06 05:09:00

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