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- The investment of money in EVE should not give you an unfair advantage over the investment of time.I ...2011.07.02 17:35:00
- Overall, my confidence is restored in CCP's ability to maintain the EVE sandbox. What has been said ...2011.07.02 17:27:00
- -1 subscription, this character/account. ...2011.06.27 05:27:00
- I have observed that the use of colored text increases the likelihood of obtaining public funding by ...2011.05.21 08:07:00
- You can't choose what order you buy from. Regardless of the price you set it at, it goes straight to ...2011.04.23 17:34:00
- Mining is a horrible thing to start with if you want to learn the game.While it might be a nice pass ...2011.04.20 13:52:00
- Ill b sur 2 type moar ur lvl, kthxbye.I don't really think that's relevant.Right there, it seems as ...2011.04.15 14:48:00
- I'll be watching this thread to see if you receive any amount of decent activity. In the event that ...2011.04.15 00:25:00
- Would function in the same exact way as the one in the market tab.It would reduce lag for some playe ...2010.11.19 21:46:00
- Subject explains most of it.When the wallet order list updates itself after an order or two is chang ...2010.11.19 21:43:00
- Still experiencing the issue that causes the wallet, order tab, order list to jump or shake around w ...2010.10.15 23:25:00
- Agree with Mechtech. ...2010.10.07 20:48:00
- I've searched through a few pages here, haven't seen anything bringing this to attention:"My Wallet" ...2010.10.01 17:32:00
- Issue:Click connect, asked if I want to download new patch, select yes, nothing happens.Where can I ...2010.09.30 17:56:00
- I felt like I'd made it three weeks in when I hit 2 bil a week. Then I realised shortly after that ...2010.05.05 04:45:00

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