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- Download and install worked, but character creation just sits and spins forever (20+ minutes), are ...2011.01.18 17:44:00
- I have a few observations that I hope will actually garner some attention.First, give us a brightnes ...2007.12.07 02:18:00
- This is not a microsoft vs linux issue. What database they run on the backend is a non issue as far ...2007.08.04 02:18:00
- Edited by: Kintai mangi on 19/06/2007 03:15:42 Wow, bang up job. Fire the new guy. He's an idiot. ...2007.06.19 03:16:00
- Edited by: Kintai mangi on 19/05/2007 05:13:06 Tach's dont do well against cruisers or even some BC ...2007.05.19 05:15:00
- What level hacking do they require to open the cans ? I cannot find a definitive answer. I have hear ...2007.05.18 23:08:00
- Yep, apparently this needs to be pointed out in this section since you ignore the ongoing (and in so ...2007.05.05 02:56:00
- tbh I'm not expecting any of these ammar changes in Rev 2.0 because the dev's seem to be ignoring ou ...2007.05.05 02:49:00
- Edited by: Kintai mangi on 05/05/2007 02:42:383. Give them a "racial" bonus to something. Caldari ha ...2007.05.05 02:44:00
- Laser cap usage is so far out of whack in terms of its damage output that its laughable. No other ra ...2007.05.04 04:01:00
- aww man dont sound so down amarr are the best !... At being the worst.Seriously there are "okay" ...2007.05.03 02:39:00
- If Amarr is going to remain the "cap race" then they need a boost to cap. Their cap recharge and/or ...2007.05.03 02:25:00
- Oh, and I forgot to point out that the one race that doesnt really have any "AoE" type weapons is .. ...2007.05.03 02:15:00
- well the bonus for amarr ships with lasers always was they deal less damage and as a result dont n ...2007.05.03 02:02:00
- So everyone thinks the solution to amarr is to play in groups. The race that no one plays is suppose ...2007.04.28 19:57:00

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