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- Sorry about the confusion on this matter; it turns out that the design doc was wrong The onlining ti ...2009.09.17 14:59:00
- very nice devblog. I like where this is going and seems like the vision is to create a balanced env ...2009.09.14 23:30:00
- Ioseb Vissari - Brick Squad y don u lose ur dread about itfixed it for you.Fixeda tehe fixedaFunny ...2009.08.24 18:03:00
- Edited by: Refazed on 24/08/2009 18:01:26 I care deeply about the feelings of the people that are o ...2009.08.24 17:59:00
- That's the thing. We generally don't sit on our hands when a friend needs help. Yes, in some circle ...2009.08.24 15:42:00
- Edited by: Liam Fremen on 24/08/2009 11:26:53 Brick guys i make it as simple as my crap english all ...2009.08.24 13:49:00
- My condolences to BE for losing the Titan. They are fun guys to fly with. I am curious where all t ...2009.08.23 21:10:00
- To give some more content, systematic chaos, primary, romainians, klingons, coven, sometimes stain e ...2009.08.23 00:36:00
- I can confirm that we are working on the issues related to Warp Disruption Bubbles listed in this ...2009.05.26 18:05:00
- I did some more testing with large bubbles. It seems if I warp at a specific range it doesn't suck ...2009.05.20 15:56:00
- was there a change to bubble mechanics I missed? I was warping a cloaked recon between two gates la ...2009.05.20 14:27:00
- I too can post chatlogs... Admiral IceBlock > whers da fleet  spikes sekips > wolfe ...2009.05.19 20:52:00
- The K25 station was taken by ATLAS while KIA were busy pulling out of Vale after our campaign agains ...2008.12.26 15:13:00
- the formula is:STATION_EFF+(0.375*(1+REFINING_LVL*0.02)*(1+REFINING_EFF_LVL*0.04)*(1+MATERIAL_LVL*0. ...2008.05.13 21:22:00
- LOL WE JUMPED IN WE BRAVED THE LAG, you camped the gate u had fighters out bubbles the lot.and we st ...2008.02.11 03:02:00

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