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- They are one time use only. If you let it expire then that is it for that one. ...2009.10.09 03:07:00
- Yes it is a normal game mechanic. CEO, directors and any member with the security role can see into ...2009.09.24 03:37:00
- does a pos tower take more fuel if you have research labs online with the tower, and if so how much ...2009.09.23 05:07:00
- 3) Head out into lowsec/nullsec, and rat Sansha. Lots of Sansha. You'll get a standings gain wit ...2009.09.23 03:14:00
- Reverse engineering is needed to get T3 ship/subsystem BPC from the relics you find in wormhole site ...2009.09.22 03:34:00
- They can't be used. CCP pulled the mine launcher from game a LONG LONG time ago so mines can't be u ...2009.09.09 22:02:00
- The only thing you can group are turrets(Projectile/Laser/Hybrid) and missile launchers and they hav ...2009.09.04 19:26:00
- There are 2 types of structures. Large collideable structures and deadspace overseer structures. C ...2009.09.01 18:54:00
- Back in 03/04 it use to be possible to join any NPC corp if your standings with them were high enoug ...2009.08.16 03:13:00
- Only shuttles and noob ships have time limit like anchored cans all other ships stay until taken or ...2009.08.16 01:20:00
- It is not a bug. As soon as you open a container the site is marked as complete and despawns the in ...2009.08.09 22:19:00
- Edited by: Tanis Sundowner on 08/07/2009 14:19:46 Fitting a 100mn AB on a falcon is a very bad idea ...2009.07.08 14:15:00
- not for faction or agent standings. Fast talk, if they got it working properly, only helps with you ...2009.07.08 14:00:00
- I'm just considering:MWD can be turned off by tacklers. AB can help you to mitigate damage (no sig ...2009.07.08 13:57:00
- It is impossible to get faction standing with all 4 empires high enough at the same time to use lvl ...2009.07.08 13:24:00

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