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- No ones can be aggressed (under fire etc..) by more than 2-3 players in the same moment in low sec. ...2011.09.08 17:42:00
- i recently got one (dont remember the name) which gave me a mining foreman implant worth 400mil. I m ...2011.08.20 16:23:00
- I made about 500m profit by betting the scam day in time :))) thank you Phaser Inc I love you ...2011.08.13 00:03:00
- I know it was a scam from the beginning since it was so clear, but not to all apparently :)So it was ...2011.08.12 23:53:00
- Umbriele,171,38,47,72,73,150,68 ...2011.07.31 12:28:00
- Bump for importance. This is extremely annoying. ...2011.07.26 10:51:00
- Edited by: Jeronas Kane on 26/07/2011 10:34:22 Edited by: Fademist on 26/07/2011 10:10:08 oh bount ...2011.07.26 10:41:00
- Edited by: Princess Leiah on 25/07/2011 10:42:48 To answer the topic as intended. Ive been a pirate ...2011.07.26 10:38:00
- XDEATH TO INCARNA!!!! ...2011.07.26 10:30:00
- I've talked it over with a few people, including the event scheduler and a couple people from design ...2011.07.25 11:24:00
- Yeah, that FREE additional content is SO DISGUSTING! I R DISGUSTED BY FREE STUFF!!!!There was no new ...2011.07.15 11:57:00
- Edited by: Wilhelm Riley on 08/07/2011 21:30:34 ahahahbetter?Sorry I saw a trend and wanted to be p ...2011.07.08 21:32:00
- Hi Disgusted, so you're 6 years old? Almost a big boy now, except big boys don't cry.ahahahbetter? ...2011.07.08 21:23:00
- Very nice to meet you all, has everyone been introduced to Disgusted?No, but the six year old Umbrie ...2011.07.08 21:21:00
- holy's THE 6 year old player. What will we ever do?dude, do you seriously think you are the ...2011.07.08 21:16:00

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