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- No. Removing player interaction in the form of normalized NPC services is bad.exactly this is an mmo ...2009.02.15 15:18:00
- I thought it was gonna be a unique shuttle with moar cargo space ...2009.02.13 23:43:00
- Let's have self destructs do aoe damage depending on the ship size, make it more of a final **** you ...2009.02.12 23:43:00
- local isn't going to change it has worked just fine the entire time the game has been out if you can ...2009.02.12 22:29:00
- Whoa crazy idea here but if you have that much to move why don't you get some friends to help? wacko ...2009.02.12 22:24:00
- Edited by: RisenPhoenix on 12/02/2009 22:19:37 Yeah why aren't they selling the "BoB collapsed and ...2009.02.12 22:19:00
- VAT is the excuse they use I believe. Have fun in your socialist paradise. ...2009.02.12 22:16:00
- The ship screams "I look more like a caldari ship than a minmatar one" ...2009.02.12 22:10:00
- You forget about warp disruptor bonuses on gal recons? ...2009.02.12 18:48:00
- If they did that they would have to change the other t1 ewar cruisers so:A. its a bad idea B. CCP i ...2009.02.12 18:35:00
- Make it stored locally if it isn't already and just make it unlimited or at least like 500 character ...2009.02.12 18:31:00
- A ONE TIME respec is all that is neededThat will let people fix character creation mistakes and anyt ...2009.02.12 18:29:00
- I still dont agree with this, becase fact is though I don't have that kind of money yet. I am well o ...2009.02.12 18:24:00
- Edited by: Napro on 12/02/2009 18:07:01 then dont use itWhat a real arguement why don't we just giv ...2009.02.12 18:11:00
- Edited by: RisenPhoenix on 12/02/2009 18:08:38 agree with OP but there are already multiple threads ...2009.02.12 18:08:00

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