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- it would be a good patch if you could download it. been tring for 4 hours and can't get the patch ...2005.07.05 23:07:00
- just love not getting a warning when the server is going to go down hope no one lost ships because ...2004.08.12 11:04:00
- hmm maybe the login is over loaded ...2004.07.06 13:16:00
- it stops the login and then i lose connection to server ...2004.07.06 13:14:00
- ok what is with the new patch it won't me login now ...2004.07.06 13:12:00
- well i dont mean to bust on ccp but if they can't make a change in the game and have it up and runni ...2003.12.17 01:14:00
- What is the easiest way to get next lvl agent. I keep doing all these missions and get more of the s ...2003.11.15 07:39:00
- What the hell can't ccp fix a damn little node problem? It's been 30mins and i know i've lost some d ...2003.11.11 18:01:00
- your running out of ram if your going to run two clients on the same computer you need 1GB of ram =) ...2003.11.11 17:55:00
- hello ccp reboot that damn server pls ...2003.11.11 17:49:00
- well i know lost 8 wasp drones because of this but dont think they will replace anything thats just ...2003.11.11 17:45:00
- same here they need to reboot ...2003.11.11 17:42:00
- same here wtf is going on ...2003.11.11 17:36:00
- i know what your talking about i just got stuck in a station in a 0.1 zone with a black screen. it i ...2003.08.09 17:10:00
- linksys routers seem to have lots of problems with todays online games. no one knows how to fix it y ...2003.07.11 18:06:00

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