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- ya i figured as much for liang i guess sence i have my PVE ships already sorted out i should start c ...2007.11.09 02:59:00
- ibtl? ...2007.11.04 04:30:00
- Edited by: Hermosa Diosas on 29/10/2007 22:17:575000km + what can you do? you cant web or scram, hi ...2007.10.30 23:17:00
- Somth like that will pwn!high: 5 cruise launchers, neutralizer, cloak med: 3 multi-ECM, MWD, Web, D ...2007.10.29 06:16:00
- nice lookin setup , but like the above poster said;go t2 assaults for the prec missiles - they'll de ...2007.10.29 06:03:00
- ok, the issue is i cant log onto a trial account while i have my main logged on, which ma ...2007.10.25 23:31:00
- if i want to start a new account, will i be able to start it up and keep it running via GTC's or do ...2007.10.25 23:05:00
- No, not another whine thread, just one thing to consider...When EvE started, the importance of attri ...2007.10.25 19:24:00
- yep, just fly minmatar because i know that caldari sucks at pvp.end of story ...2007.10.25 05:22:00
- Yeah no new hull designs. Just the same ole same ole with a new coat of primer and paint.Designing ...2007.10.25 05:10:00
- Anyone else get the email from CCP? They replaced the old geddon WIP with the osprey, it looks prett ...2007.10.25 02:34:00
- a) Raven - Nerf b) Megathron - Buff c) Maelstrom - Nerf d) Dominix - Buff e) Abaddon - Nerf f ...2007.10.25 01:04:00
- oh my god ravens can outdamage a megathron!!!!!!!this is madness! gallente is supposed to be the bes ...2007.10.24 04:18:00
- It's got nothing to do with guristsas.Every NPC race magically seems to be able to vomit defenders a ...2007.10.24 02:43:00
- Ever heard of musical chairs? I think the devs are playing musical bonuses. Looks like the Amarr de ...2007.10.24 01:33:00

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