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- It seems the invention nerf and PI changes are related. New invention formula lowers your invention ...2011.01.22 03:47:00
- It was a typo, he meant 10k per jump. ...2011.01.21 02:52:00
- So I'm competing against people who had all these years to take advantage of the remaps and evolved ...2011.01.20 22:50:00
- I'll fill that bond, sending you the 10b ISK a bit later today when I can log in. ...2011.01.17 20:45:00
- " I have spent considerable time playing with the new avatar creator and it is absolutely awesome. I ...2011.01.17 20:07:00
- Thanks for the guide AtheistOfObviousness ? ...2011.01.17 17:36:00
- I'll be there. ...2011.01.14 12:23:00
- Well, did you calculate the trading formula for yourself?(Total ammount isk + trading skills + age) ...2011.01.12 16:03:00
- compare by minerals per "rock volume" instea ...2010.12.30 06:31:00
- How to detect a bot :- Warp to a high sec belt - Spam convo invites like every other tard to be sur ...2010.12.29 18:14:00
- Tax the mining itself, every time the miner press the mining laser key, he pays $$$ ...2010.12.24 15:08:00
- Who said I paid? I'm telling you that this happens all the time and no one cares. Keep the money if ...2010.12.24 14:58:00
- Have to say, it sounds a lot like SEND ME ISK I DOUBLZ IT! ...2010.12.19 19:50:00
- Aww this is sad, PL will stop blobbing offline NC pilots ? How does 1000 ISK per day sounds to hire ...2010.12.18 04:39:00
- Any competent forum or server administrator will fully understand the implications of providing encr ...2010.12.17 21:07:00

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