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- "Hey Fool, i ain't getting on no plane!"CCP offer him a chance of running for CSM and a flight to Ic ...2011.08.26 13:11:00
- when the world sleeps, the Dev's are let out to play! ...2011.07.28 14:52:00
- I feel tainted just reading this post ...2011.06.15 13:53:00
- more interestingly would be better having a titan classed ship that you'd need multiple pilots to fl ...2011.06.09 09:11:00
- You know i took one look at this and my eyes bled. Wall of text is very texty! ...2011.06.09 09:08:00
- Hi all, just wanted to ask, is there any new video capturing software out being used to capture inga ...2011.05.28 11:22:00
- will double check the AA settings on my GPU when i get back from work later, but afaik, the setting ...2011.05.12 14:58:00
- I'm having an issue that I think is related. I'd love to find an answer as well and maybe my experie ...2011.05.12 13:45:00
- Am a fan of both CS1 & 2, and am looking forward to watching the 3rd film. JR, you and your team hav ...2011.04.28 11:13:00
- Eve patch installer/repair tool seems to be bugged, got a error message the same as previously menti ...2011.04.06 21:18:00
- Not only could that do excellent moves but you could actually use it as a viable scouting technique, ...2011.03.30 11:32:00
- I'm posting on this thread, please fix this CCP!!!! ...2011.03.28 23:17:00
- /signed. You know what i think this could work well, maybe be allowed to add up to 5 systems to the ...2011.03.24 11:20:00
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