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- Any possibility you could point this to Battle Clinic since EVE-Kill lost 90% of their kill history? ...2011.09.02 23:41:00
- CCP didn't make this, I did. Enjoy :)Hey Squizz... Great site! Care to share any future plans you h ...2011.09.02 18:49:00
- Why is there so much information available out of game that isn't available in game?Why is that CCP? ...2011.09.02 18:29:00
- Thanks CCP for this awesome site.May you continue to make these great advancements to our awesome co ...2011.09.02 18:18:00
- It saddens me greatly you list Griefwatch, but not EVSCO or EVE-KILL.. Saddens me very greatly! ...2011.08.20 18:20:00
- your right evekill is free, - but its down ALLOT - very slow and lots of "Loading Screens" - Lac ...2011.08.14 09:51:00
- and up to the top this goes ! ...2011.04.28 12:08:00
- Edited by: Karbowiak on 28/04/2011 06:30:20 So is it down now for good? Ridiculous.Inappropriate c ...2011.04.28 06:30:00
- Tiny update, added two more servers to the mix. One in the US, and one more in Europe.Price stays t ...2011.04.27 20:24:00
- the Rifter - tadaa.. ...2011.04.27 10:10:00
- Please contact me ingame. ASAP. ThanksMail sent to you ingame. Forgot to mention, im EU TZ - and if ...2011.04.27 09:51:00
- and once again ...2011.04.27 01:58:00
- So I look at the killboards and read between the lines. You have absolutely ZERO 0.0-Sec experien ...2011.04.26 18:20:00
- up up awaaaaaaay ...2011.04.26 18:15:00
- Whoa...what? So those of us who played the first time around by doing the "like" thing on FB were d ...2011.04.25 15:49:00

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