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- Edited by: Dr Deadbolt on 04/06/2011 20:56:25 nv ...2011.06.04 20:56:00
- Lol while you were stroking your ego your corp gave up and left, GG 8th Order have the kind of peo ...2010.10.22 22:48:00
- English isn't everyone's first language.Just as in real life, I ignore those people completely. I do ...2010.07.09 22:50:00
- I own a Damar Rocarion corpse, I will trade only for a Bad Messenger I too have one of these with s ...2010.06.03 15:43:00
- pervs tears = best tears unfotunately the whine made from the tears is very sourDr Deadbolt Luminai ...2010.05.28 13:25:00
- Edited by: KR1ST0PH3R on 27/05/2010 06:08:04 CCP great idea. Make the buyer of a character wait bas ...2010.05.27 13:47:00
- The question is If I try cop a covert feel will I still be suprised by a chipolata + nut cluster pac ...2010.05.27 12:51:00
- it was a PL plan to get easy kills it worked very well ...2010.05.26 02:01:00
- blah blahI look at your your corp name and wonder are u guys sucky sucky fanbois of sharks ( an old ...2010.05.21 04:26:00
- I think listening to Tyrrax on ANY fittings is a pretty bad idea. ...2010.05.17 14:04:00
- The fist formation performed as advertised. All hail the sphere.congratulations , I believe it worke ...2010.05.14 04:03:00
- Sorry to hear this , I have flown under Bacardi several times (on var accs).Mind you siig , defcon e ...2010.05.13 13:25:00
- The majority of Null Sec players have multiple accounts, so no one will be leaving the back door ope ...2010.05.12 03:22:00
- Sry that doesnt reflect the numbers correctly dude.... but i recommend that the gallente were only s ...2010.05.02 22:31:00
- there you go fight , interest ...2010.05.02 04:27:00

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