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- Edited by: HacxNN on 16/10/2010 15:50:43 after 4 patches to fix a stupid do nothing patch the game ...2010.10.16 15:49:00
- Dear ccp can you start a new thread where players; that can be bothered, can post reports on parts o ...2010.10.01 11:59:00
- Edited by: HacxNN on 01/10/2010 11:27:09 Do anyone still play eve ??? (or will renew their subscrip ...2010.10.01 11:24:00
- Edited by: HacxNN on 01/10/2010 01:22:30 And this milleniums "we totally fvcked it up this time" wo ...2010.10.01 01:21:00
- @ Achurai did not say they have to compensate you for extended d/t or for any specific reason.All i ...2010.09.30 17:43:00
- @ achura raven you obviously know jack **** about laws as you profess you is a wonderfull t ...2010.09.30 17:23:00
- (written by jam warrior)reading through half the posts on this topic so many ppl say CCP are breaki ...2010.09.30 17:10:00
- working as an software engineer myself for over 20 years now ... and on projects which make eve look ...2010.09.30 16:58:00
- 5 times got socket closed in past 15 miniutes :( ...2010.05.31 19:35:00
- experiencing general internet issues. idk but heres some info the sola wind velocity it currently 3 ...2009.12.28 03:07:00
- so if i suicide a bot miner ill get my insurance???? oh Joy!!!!!!!!Thx for telling me;i thaught it w ...2009.10.22 12:34:00
- The reason why CCP are developing a new game,is because they know there isk farm going to run dry so ...2009.08.20 15:47:00
- I think ccp justs need to keep the webpage up and deploy the patch as soon as its done for download ...2009.08.20 15:43:00
- if anyone is in a wormhole and finds one to polaris;in jove space,plz spam it to everyone,so we can ...2009.08.20 15:28:00
- i think its icelandic culture,they want to make it a tribal event,so 1 person blows the horn to ever ...2009.08.20 15:23:00

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